April 8 and 9, 2023

TL;DR: Raceday is practically here, see raceday preview for more info ?!

OrgSaturday (4/8)Sunday (4/9)
ApexScorch, Phoenix, Firefly, SolarisScorch, Molotov, Firefly, Solaris
CIARoadrunner, Emperor, Kingfisher, EquinoxRoadrunner, Kingfisher, Equinox
FringeNB, Baltic, Bumper, BarbieNB, Baltic, Bumper, Barbie
PiKACleo, RaptorBanshee, Raptor
SDCAvarice, InfernoAvarice, Inferno
SigEpKraken, BarracudaKraken, Barracuda
SigNuJager, KraitJager
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin, Zuke, SeraphInviscid, Kingpin, Zuke, Seraph

Please submit any photos from this weekend here:

4/8: https://cmubuggy.smugmug.com/upload/jkFKrZ/guestupload
4/9: https://cmubuggy.smugmug.com/upload/Fc9pTQ/guestupload

View photos here:

4/8: https://cmubuggy.smugmug.com/2022-2023/Spring-Rolls-Apr-8/
4/9: https://cmubuggy.smugmug.com/2022-2023/Spring-Rolls-Apr-9/

As is tradition, this rolls report will be a very light report, acting as an appetizer for the raceday preview. If you’d like to see the thorough report, it’s not too late to sign up to be a member of the BAA! This year’s beautiful report (props to the fabulous Linna Griffin) contains the full set of times from truck weekend, sassy predictions, team descriptions, and more buggy goodness.

Additionally, the prelim truck auction is now LIVE! The Finals Lead Truck Auction will be in person at Buggy Bash, Friday 7PM in the Schatz Dining Room. Huge thank you to Wade Gordon for getting this set up for us this year.

All that being said, please see below for some wonderful guest chute reporting done by the Cook on Saturday of truck weekend:

Fringe: Nothing notable other than rolling a new buggy called Barbie, passing another buggy in the second roll

DG: Both rolls required pusher assist to make it to the driveway, scratched 3rd and 4th round

CIA: rolling four buggies, consistently quick on all and saving fastest roll for Roadrunner in 4th round – 3rd fastest chute time of the day.

Apex: Rolling two buggies consistently, mid-pack for speeds, no incidents

SigEp: Worked up to speed and completed a pass test on 2nd round, and broke off the 2nd fastest chute time of day for Kraken in round 4. 

SDC: Modest speeds (for SDC) but the big news is that Avarice experienced a loss of the left rear wheel and spindle in front of the 3rd window on Hill 3, with a loud scraping noise due to axle-ground braking.  Interestingly the buggy’s usual fairly loud rattling changed cadence over the black strip mid-chute, gaining the attention of this observer, and the wheel parted company some 10 seconds later.

Spirit: Spirit turned in their fastest roll on the first buggy of the 1st round despite a lurid chute turn.  Unfortunately all three stablemates were stopped in the transition due to the second buggy having some sort of reported fairing failure, out of view of this observer.  All three were cleared from the course without injury or further incident after a painful 15-minute delay.  Rounds 2 and 3 went without incident although also without the pace shown in the first roll, and without fairings.

SigNu: SigNu showed good pace in all three rolls with Jaeger, turning in the fastest chute time of the day and 3 of the top 6.  No incidents other than a very wide line in round 2 that was well-controlled after a trip to the bales looked like a distinct possibility.

PiKA: PiKA had an eventful day with an unforced wild slide and recovery near the transition flag with Cleo on the second roll.  This observer feared an unpleasant trip to the monument was possible, but Cleo continued only to show a similar but not as severe instability mid-chute.  Banshee also completed its 3rd round without a rear hatch. 

A super special thanks to the following people for their help:

The Cook

Connor Hayes

Sweeps + BAA

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