Tonight is your last chance to get your application in for a Spring 2024 Buggy Enhancement Grant! I will be online tonight if anyone has any last minute questions or issues getting their application in. As always, the easiest way to get in touch with any BAA Officer is through our Discord.

Submit your grant application here!

For more information about Buggy Enhancment Grants, including tips from the committee on how to strengthen your grant proposal, the actual text of previously approved grant applications, how to access shared resources funded by this program, and how you can support this program, please read All About Buggy Enhancement Grants!

The first committee review is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 5. Applicants should expect to receive the initial questions and feedback from the committee by Monday evening. Please respond to the committee’s questions by Sunday evening, Feb 11, at the latest. We expect the final review to be scheduled for Monday, Feb 12, with the final funding decisions to be sent out that evening.