Spring Freerolls are starting up again. Here’s the best ways you can stay informed about what is happening:

  • Join us on our discord and you’ll see a few real time photos, as well as occasional discussion.
  • We expect to continue to post rolls reorts, either join our Discord to get notified by chat, or subscribe to baa-news to get them in your inbox.
  • If you’re in Pittsburgh, 2 more things just for you:
    • The buggy-watchers list is the best way to find out about times and cancellations, so you can attend to watch in person.
    • If you’re there, we’d love to hear your notes and observations, as well as share any photos you take. Doesn’t need to be super detailed — every little bit helps! Details at https://cmubuggy.org/rollsreporters.
  • Finally, we’d love to have a dedicated rolls reporter coordinator. You do not need to be local to do this! If you’re interested in helping compile notes and photos, get in touch on discord!

See you on the hills!