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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Free memberships for graduating seniors

Seniors, sign up between now and graduation to get a year’s worth of members-only benefits for free!  Congrats on graduating, and congrats on making it 4 years without seeing a single day of races rained out, and congrats on joining the exciting world of being a buggy alum. We need to prepare you for something […]

Thursday Polls 2010 Wrap-up

This post was written in advance and scheduled to get posted this morning automatically, because we don’t have time to be writing posts anymore … It’s RACEDAY!!  Well, the purists would say raceday is tomorrow, but us BAA folks are at design comp passing out stickers and tshirts.  Come on down and see us if […]

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Game on! Carnival & new website features to match

Classes are out (which implies people had been going recently), tents and trucks are accumulating around campus, and cmubuggy.org has just switched on a bunch of new features. It must be raceday! Our front page has been updated with links to and descriptions of all of our raceday specific amenities, but I’ll recap some of […]

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Members-Only Raceday Preview is out

We sent out one of our favorite members-only perks last night around midnight: our Raceday Preview.  This year’s 11-page publication covers each team in depth with pictures, stats, and narratives.  If you haven’t followed along all year, we hope that it gets you up to speed for raceday.  If you’re a regular cmubuggy.org junkie, we […]

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