Freeroll Times: Fall 2013 – Nov 16

Here it is, the final times from the Fall. Starting to get a system down, so hopefully we can get some good data each week as we get closer to Raceday.

Unexpected VisitorThis time we had a visitor during rolls, but fortunately, he didn’t cause any trouble.

Fastest times from Each org

Org Saturday
Apex Phoenix – 1:05.92
CIA Freyja – 1:14.75
Fringe Bissa – 0:57.14
PiKA Banshee – 0:56.12
SAE Lucy – 1:15.50
SDC Malice – 0:54.58
SigEp Baraccuda – 1:10.18
SigNu Krait – 1:01.54
Spirit Kingpin 2 – 1:01.04

SDC, PiKA and Fringe were again the only orgs to break the 1 minute mark, but this time they had Spirit and SigNu hot on their tails. Surprisingly Apex managed to knock off over 7 seconds on their last roll of the day launching them ahead of SigEp with CIA and SAE bringing up the rear.

Feel free to copy these times and organize them however you like.

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11 thoughts on “Freeroll Times: Fall 2013 – Nov 16”

  • Hey Ben Thanks For your time. It may not come off like we appreciate it because of the lack of comments, but we know this takes a ton of time and it really gives us great information.
    Keep doing what you are doing, you’ve been awesome all year

    • Seconded.
      We always look forward to rolls reports and having times this year is really amazing. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in to make them happen!

  • Thanks guys, I’m sure if I was able to look at the analytics I would have a better idea of how much you guys look at these. I clearly just need to say more controversial things.

    • You should definitely have access to the analytics! Checking view counts was the fuel that kept the rolls report fire burning inside me. I just added you to the google analytics account. You should have gotten an e-mail.

      You tallied 82,000+ views on 12,000+ visits this semester (site-wide). Not too shabby at all!

  • Posts that ask questions or stir the pot for responses (rumors on builds, wheels etc) are always good fun. I really like the old Thursday polls, and anything about buggies from before my time is interesting. Gotta get more underclassmen posting on here, get them to be crotchety as early as possible

  • Yeah, Ben. Thanks for geeing out for us. Much appreciated. I will be sure to say some troll-like things to get things fired up soon.

  • What do the top times (SDC, Fringe, PiKA) mean? SDC is running 54-56 seconds, PiKA 56-57, and Fringe 57-59.

    SDC is still running their dependable “SDC whites” , and is heating their wheels without a full treatment. SDC consistently runs a 50-52 second freeroll on Raceday and they even ran that time last year on Saturday when the road was cold. SDC is also most likely rolling on practice bearings and trying to give their drivers quick practice without overdoing it.

    Fringe is running their Greens all around having determined that the “quick”(when treated) yellow wheels they ran a few years back are just not worth the risk. They are heating their urethane up to optimal temperature, but are doing little to no treatment. I suspect Fringe is also not giving Bissa “raceday quality” shoves on hill 2.

    And lastly I have heard through the Rumor Mill that PiKA has found a new compound that actually responds better to mild freezing.

    • Nice analysis, though I hear Fringe hasn’t been heating yet this year, so things will certainly get closer as raceday draws near.

      One thing I was thinking about, SDC has kept the top times around 2:04 over raceday, and other top teams haven’t been far behind. The odd thing though is that someone like SigEp will have a much slower freeroll by maybe ~5 or more seconds, but their over all time be within a couple seconds on a good day. SO that would mean that other push teams are likely a stonger group as a whole, so if we were to combine the right buggy with the right pushers, would we be able to break the 2 min barrier?

      We’ll only know more as we get better times during spring rolls, but I’m really curious now thinking about that.

      • Last years free roll times for men, by my watch, were something like this:
        SDC A: 50 high 51 low
        Pike A: 51 high
        Fringe A: 52 low
        Sig Ep A: 52 mid/high

        Sig Ep looked to be rolling mostly xootrs this semester.

        **These were taken from raceday 2013 videos on youtube and timed from the second line on the crosswalk to the line on hill 3. SDC’s time is subject to interpretation as the footage doesn’t show them crossing the line, but it shows them right afterwards.

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