Rolls Report: Feb 22 & 23 – SABOTAGE

Despite the freak snow storm earlier in the week, Pittsburgh decided to warm up and clear up just for the weekend. At the start of last week, there were also only two orgs with caped buggies, but by the end of the week, there were enough to make rolls happen. Against all odds, rolls were certainly possible, but come early Friday evening rolls had been cancelled… Continue reading

Rolls are on!… snow?

Alright, this is not my usual time to put up a post, but last night Pittsburgh got a freak blizzard over a couple hours from 9 to 11 or so. So in what I will still claim is a good idea, I decided to head over to the course after it was all over and capture what I could of the snow-covered course. I managed to get there before the plows, but not before cars had already carved their own path. None-the-less, here’s what the course could look like if buggies ran in the snow. Continue reading

Carnival Plans – Design Competition

Hey guys, it’s been around 2 months since the last post went up, so it’s time to get back into the rhythm before rolls start up. This is a big year as Carnival is celebrating its 100th year, and it’s only 8 weeks away! Because of this, the buggy organizers are working hard on making this year special. There are some special additions as well as a few major changes that we’re looking at.

The design comp chair this year, Connor Hayes (Apex founder), has some pretty awesome ideas to improve design comp and make it a bit more interesting, BUT he’s looking for some feedback from the community and has written the following…

Continue reading