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Monthly Archives: April 2014


That’s right, there’s only 12 hours left in the Lead Truck auction. We just broke the $750 barrier which is awesome, but not anywhere close to our best. Remember, share this with anyone and everyone, we don’t want to have anyone realize too late that they could have won a spot in the lead truck! […]

Current Roll Counts

So I’ve been getting some questions about which drivers are qualified, who’s close ect. Going into truck weekend, I feel like you guys should know who got their act together, who’ll just barely make it in under the wire, and who might be looking for some forgiveness. Right now, there are 4 orgs that seem […]

Auction is Live at 9am!

So I know I said the Auction would be up last night, but because of the 24hr swap time allotted to teams, we had to push things back of it, so APRIL FOOLS! Anyway, we will be running from 9am today to 9pm Sunday. This will give us a full 5 days of auctioning so […]

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