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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Rolls Report: November 12 & 13 – MiniRaceday!!

Rolls this week were on the chilly side, topping out just above freezing both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday saw the bare minimum for quorum, which allowed Robobuggy to get in a couple extra rolls. The start of the weekend was more or less uneventful with some buggies getting up to 7 rolls. Very few alums […]

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Rolls Report: November 5 & 6 – A full and smooth weekend

This weekend we had both the shortest and the longest days of rolls for the year. Buggies were rolling Saturday by 7:45am with the sun and buggies ceased rolling at 8:45am, as per Saturday tradition. In conflict with the rising sun, the temperature stagnated at a character building 37*F. There was a slight delay as […]

Rolls Report: October 29 – Happy Halloween and Homecoming!

After a mid-semester break siesta, buggies were back and rolling this past Saturday. Sunday was preemptively canceled due to it being Halloween weekend. Sweepstakes figured the teams would be too exhausted from a late night of bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving. Yup, definitely that. It was also Scottie Saturday/Homecoming weekend, so the BAA had […]

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