UPDATE: Rules Amendment – Greek Restrictions

The discussion that happened a week ago was an interesting one, though with low attendance, it’s hard to tell how informative or how much it will affect the future conversations on this topic.

In attendance: SigEp, PhiDelt, SAE, SDC, Sweepstakes, BAA

Quick Summary:

  1. The greek teams seem to have a different philosophy when it comes to buggy in that it is more of a group activity rather than a sole focus as is the case for some independents.
  2. Because of #1, current greek teams don’t seem to have an interest in taking advantage of the situation if this rule were lifted.
  3. Teams didn’t see a huge advantage of the “ringer” pusher. While independents have used this “advantage”, competitive teams, use it only to fill out their few positions on lower teams.

Next Steps:

  1. One point that came up is that this type of rule change may be more desirable by new teams, so Sweepstakes will be reaching out to them to get there opinion.
  2. Due to low attendance, there should be interest in having a larger discussion with more teams.

This discussion is far from over, but this is the current information we have from teams.