Warm start to Spring 2017

Classes have been on for a couple weeks now and the students have been treated to an incredibly warm January and February isn’t looking much worse. Given the extremely tame winter with little to no snowfall, this could be the first time in several years that rolls could get going properly before spring break. With all this practice, we could be looking at another competitive Raceday. Making predictions now might be a bit early, so we’ll hold off until the Raceday Preview. Remember you have to be a dues paying member to receive the annual publication and the earlier you do it, the more likely you are to get it in the first round.

Speaking of donations, we’re still running our donation challenge for a little Raceday bonus to the winning alumni team. Currently CIA is in the lead, but not by much, so there is still plenty of chances to get ahead before the challenge ends on the first day of spring rolls. So remember if you make a donation before the first weekend of rolls, let us know.

Last bit of news for today, we are looking to revamp our normal luncheon into more of an evening event and are currently looking at a couple options. BAA HQ has narrowed it down to a couple options and we would like feedback from the larger buggy community. Which would you prefer:

  • Alumni wrap-up party after Saturday awards ceremony for all alumni to get together and share their favorite raceday moments.
  • Friday alumni or senior Banquet with the sweepstakes staff and our Alumni Relations reps.

At either of these events, we plan to restart our biannual elections. More information on those later this season.

We would love to hear your feedback and we are looking forward to a long spring season!

2 thoughts on “Warm start to Spring 2017”

  • Jeremy Tuttle says:

    I think we should do an alumni party after awards. The few hours right after awards are typically downtime and would be a great time to get everyone together. Friday evening would be a very hard time to get any seniors to commit to anything.

    What does everyone else think? Would alumni from your org come out to something like that, even just for an hour or two?

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