SDC Reclaims Men’s and Women’s Titles

Congratulations to SDC on retaining and retaking the Men’s and Women’s titles in spectacular fashion! They are again in a league of their own setting new course records of 2:02.16 & 2:23.27!

If you didn’t catch the awards ceremony after the races, here’s what you missed:

  • King of the Hill: Jacob Hoffman – SDC A
  • Queen of the Hill: Mary Garrett – SDC A (previous queen)
  • Chairmen’s Choice: SigEp
  • Spirit of Buggy: Fringe
  • T-Shirt: SigNu
  • People’s Choice – Design: Inviscid – Spirit
  • Design Comp 1st: Inviscid – Spirit Blueshift – Fringe
  • Design Comp 2nd: Blueshift – Fringe Equinox – CIA
  • Design Comp 3rd: Equinox – CIA Inviscid – Spirit
  • Design Showcase Spark: Beyonce – SigEp

This was a fantastic year on many fronts. Special thanks to our Volunteer team this year who helped make these races happen. Thanks to cmuTV and their team who did a great job producing and filming this year’s races and of course own own broadcast team who kept up with challenging delays and schedule adjustments. We were impressed with the work done by Sweepstakes this year along with the extraordinary effort from the CMU Staff lead by Kaycee Palko.

Of course an extra huge shout out to our BAA board members this year who put in a tremendous effort writing Rolls Reports, the Raceday preview, running the Auction, and helping organize all of our various activities throughout the year! We would not be able to do what we do without their time and effort all year long.

Along those lines, if there are things you saw this year that you think should be run differently, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! We will be running Nominations to fill our vacant board seats through the end of this week and holding elections the week following. Please check out this earlier post for more information.


See you next year!

4 thoughts on “SDC Reclaims Men’s and Women’s Titles”


    Due to a mis-transcribed time, the 6th place Men’s is actually awarded to SDC B with a 2:12.40 (not a 2:14.40)

    Spirit’s Inviscid is also ineligible to win Design Comp due to it’s slow prelim time, however other top scoring buggies also did not finish well so Inviscid will retain a trophy in 3rd place.

    We apologize for the errors, they have been corrected and the teams now have the correct awards.

  • Will there be photos from raceday posted soon? (like the finish line photos? Those were so cool from last year)

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