Rolls Report: Oct. 5 & 6 – Breaking Buggy

I thought this dramatic picture of Jake (Assistant Chairman) was too cool to not include in this rolls report.

Welcome back for another rolls report (now with double the days and double the content)! Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume I didn’t offend you too much with my first report so here goes Round 2.

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100 Years of Buggy History – 1924-1927

Previous Articles: Intro & 1920; 1921-1923

This week, 100 Years of Buggy History goes further into the 1920s. The course continues to evolve, rules start to become standardized, the Prelim/Finals setup begins, and one fraternity creates the first Buggy dynasty.

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Rolls Report: Sept. 28 – Dawn of the Planet of the Buggies

Hello again all you crazy buggy enthusiasts! Whether you’re new to the sport of buggy or just here reading for inaccuracies, I welcome you to the 2019-20 season with this first Rolls Report. Here, you’ll find pictures, data, snarky commentary, or whatever else I feel like including in the follow up to this past weekend’s rolls practice. So let’s get started.

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100 Years of Buggy History – 1921-1923

Previous Articles: Intro and 1920

This week, 100 Years of Buggy History takes a look at the early 1920s: 1921-1923. It’s a period full of interesting designs and controversies, plus some rule changes as the students worked to make the sport endure. And…history was made, with the first ever women’s team competing against the boys, 55 years before women’s teams were welcomed more generally into Raceday.

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100 Years of Buggy History – Intro and 1920


For those of you who haven’t been refreshing this site every 5 minutes since Raceday 2019 ended, this year is the 100th anniversary of Buggy at Carnegie Mellon!  This year’s Raceday, which we are affectionately calling “Buggy 100” (#Buggy100), takes place on April 16-18, 2020, so make sure you’ve got the dates marked on your calendar.

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New Officers for the 19-21 Term

Ballots have been counted and we are excited to announce our new officers for the 2019-2021 term!

Communications Officer – Linna Griffin

Reporting Officer – Jasio Santillan

Webmaster – Krishan Taylor

President – Michael Darcy

Please help us welcome in these new officers as we start transitioning and ramping into some summer projects and of course dive deep into planning for Buggy 100!



BAA Officer Elections for Raceday 2020 term – Last Chance to Vote!

If you have not voted yet and would like to, today is your last chance! This year we have 3 no-contest races, and one contested. All terms are for two years with potential for one re-election to the same position for a second term.
Mike Darcy (SDC)
Matthew Gallabrese (cmutv)
Communications Officer: Linna Griffin (Fringe/sweeps)
Reporting Officer: Jasio Santillian (Apex/sweeps)
Webmaster: Krishan Taylor (Fringe)

The ballot form will be open through Tonight.

BAA Officer Elections for Raceday 2020 Term

Hello Buggy Alumni community, thank you for your patience while we prepared our nominees and ballot for you all. The time has finally come for the new cohort of officers to be elected to the BAA Board. All members have already been contacted with this information, so if you have already voted, thank you! Otherwise, here’s all the info you need:

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Buggy 99 Volunteer Appreciation and Compubookie (finally)

Now that we’ve all had a chance to recover a bit from this year’s intense races, we’re going to take a moment to look back and thank those who were generous enough to donate some of their time and energy to help organize & plan, lend their voices for events, and sit behind the scenes during the races to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Thanks to their efforts, everyone was able to enjoy the races without spending the entire time in the shadows.


One quick note, if you were nominated to an officer position, please remember to respond before Sunday April 21st.



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What an Incredible 99th Year!

First and foremost –

Congratulations to all Teams!

The competitive spirit and amount of effort pushed forward this year was visible in the results and every team should be proud of what they accomplished this year. Below we list out all of the additional awards that were announced and handed out during the Saturday ceremonies as well as a certain article that missed their deadline so hard we’ll only have time to release it later this week.

Quick Plug

Before we get to the goods: Nominations for next year’s BAA Officer’s closes TONIGHT at 11pm EDT*. We will be reaching out to all those who were nominated tomorrow with elections voting opening this Friday. If you, or someone you know is interested in being a part of the BAA in one of the roles that will be opening up, OR if you believe there is a role that should exist but doesn’t currently, let us know via the form below by hitting that “Nominate Now” Button!

*Self-nominations can be set to until the start of elections and write-ins will always an option.

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