BAA Officer Elections for Raceday 2020 Term

Hello Buggy Alumni community, thank you for your patience while we prepared our nominees and ballot for you all. The time has finally come for the new cohort of officers to be elected to the BAA Board. All members have already been contacted with this information, so if you have already voted, thank you! Otherwise, here’s all the info you need:

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Buggy 99 Volunteer Appreciation and Compubookie (finally)

Now that we’ve all had a chance to recover a bit from this year’s intense races, we’re going to take a moment to look back and thank those who were generous enough to donate some of their time and energy to help organize & plan, lend their voices for events, and sit behind the scenes during the races to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Thanks to their efforts, everyone was able to enjoy the races without spending the entire time in the shadows.


One quick note, if you were nominated to an officer position, please remember to respond before Sunday April 21st.



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What an Incredible 99th Year!

First and foremost –

Congratulations to all Teams!

The competitive spirit and amount of effort pushed forward this year was visible in the results and every team should be proud of what they accomplished this year. Below we list out all of the additional awards that were announced and handed out during the Saturday ceremonies as well as a certain article that missed their deadline so hard we’ll only have time to release it later this week.

Quick Plug

Before we get to the goods: Nominations for next year’s BAA Officer’s closes TONIGHT at 11pm EDT*. We will be reaching out to all those who were nominated tomorrow with elections voting opening this Friday. If you, or someone you know is interested in being a part of the BAA in one of the roles that will be opening up, OR if you believe there is a role that should exist but doesn’t currently, let us know via the form below by hitting that “Nominate Now” Button!

*Self-nominations can be set to until the start of elections and write-ins will always an option.

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It’s Finals, Finals, Gotta Get Down for Finals…

We hope you haven’t lost your voice cheering yet because it’s Finals day! See below for our last day of Carnival events.

Exhibition and Finals Races & Lead Truck Rides: 8am-12:30pm

Where: Buggy Course, Tech-Schenley-Frew or online at

This is the main event! Join us live on the course as races kick off at 8am EST starting with some exhibition heats include the Reunion Race, and the first ever Staff & Faculty CIT vs MCS!
As always, CMUtv will be streaming the races:

Spring Carnival Booth & Sweepstakes Awards Ceremony: 4pm

Where: Midway Stage, The Cut

Cheer on your team as all awards and trophies are handed out and join in the celebration!

Rain location: McConomy Auditorium, 1st Floor, CUC

It’s Prelims! Here’s your list of Friday events

Good morning Buggy fans, it’s the day we’ve been waiting for! Your handy-dandy event list is below.

Preliminary Races & Lead Truck Rides: 8am-12:30pm

Where: Buggy Course! Tech-Schenley-Frew and online at

The 99th anniversary of the races kicks off at 8am EST! Join us live on the buggy course, or online via

Tag your posts with #buggy99

History Of Buggy: Showcasing Reunion Years: 1:30-3pm

Where: Midway Reunion Tent

Come relive the excitement of Buggy with Buggy Alumni Association archivist and guru Tom Wood (E 1974), featuring Reunion years 1969, 1994, 2009, 2014 and 2018. Vintage buggies on display.

Buggy Recap & In-Person Finals Auction: 7pm-10pm

Where: Hough’s Taproom, 563 Greenfield Ave

Missed your chance to ride in the truck for Prelims? Join the Buggy Alumni Association at Hough’s Taproom for some spirited discussions about the preliminary races and bid in-person for the live Lead Truck Auction! The Pens at Islanders game will also be on if you want a great place to keep up on Playoff Hockey.

Ramping up to Races… BAA Thursday Events

Raceday is tomorrow! Here’s a list of what is happening today.

Sweepstakes Design Showcase: 12pm-2pm

Where: Weigand Gymnasium, CUC

Come view the current and latest buggy designs and talk with the teams. Plus, kids 12 and under can build and race their own LEGO® buggy on our custom-built track!

BAA Student & Alumni Panel: 12:30-1:30pm

Where: The stage at Design Showcase

Join us for a rousing panel discussion comparing stories between students and alumni.

The panelists this year are Tom Felmley, Linna Griffin, Annie Black, Adam McCue, Duane Delaney, and Hunter Rideout. The moderator will be BAA office Jeremy Tuttle.

BAA Welcome Back: 7pm-9pm

Where: Fuel and Fuddle, 212 Oakland Ave

Join the BAA for a casual “welcome back to Pittsburgh” event to kick-start the weekend. Reminisce at Fuel & Fuddle in Oakland about buggy days and debate who will be the lead contenders this year. Head to the basement of Fuddle to join us!

It’s Buggy Time! BAA Wednesday Carnival Events

WRCT Pre-Broadcast: 7-8pm!

Where: Your radio or Computer

Tune in to hear current students and alumni share their predictions for this year’s races, listen locally on 88.3 fm or online via

We will be keeping an eye on as many of our social medias and chats as possible, so send us your questions, share your thoughts and we’ll respond on air!

Speakers are: Adam McCue, Will Weiner, Jasio Santillan, and Willie Clark!

Lead Truck Auction Prelims Closes! 11pm EDT


Make sure you get your bid in before auctions close. It’s the chance to watch your favorite heat, feel the wind in your hair, and hear “SIT DOWN” because you’re not allowed to stand up in the back of the truck but we know you all try anyway!

It’s Raceday Preview Time!

The preview is getting its final polish and we’re about ready to send it out. Here’s a taste of the sweet goodness that will be arriving in inboxes soon:


However, if you want to get this tasty insider information, with spotter’s guide, rosters, predictions, etc, you must be a paying member of the Buggy Alumni Association!


If you’re not on the list and want think you should be, or want to fix your mistake of not donating, send your receipt email from CMU showing your donation and designation to and we’ll get you added. If your name has a double asterisk (**) after it, it means we got your donation, but we don’t have your email info! Please email us your preferred address at

After you’ve got your membership sorted out and taken a look at the heat selections, head over to this year’s lead truck auction!

Rolls Report: April 6 & 7 – Truck Weekend

Carnival and Raceday 2019 are upon us! Pittsburgh’s weather has finally picked a season and it should actually feel like a Spring Carnival this year. The warm, dry weather was a boon for teams scrambling to get in their last few rolls this past truck weekend. Hopefully, the rain will hold off just long enough for an amazing Raceday.

This coming weekend we will see 9 organizations battle it out with 24 women’s teams and 28 men’s teams. A complete listing of the 10 women’s heats and 13 men’s heats can be found here.

Following tradition, you won’t be getting the details of last weekend’s practice as we are sending out the much anticipated Raceday Preview tomorrow. This year our dedicated team at the BAA has compiled team summaries, photos, alumni interviews, predictions, and other buggy-goodness into one amazing document. You may be asking yourself how you can get your hands on such an amazing piece of Buggy Awesomeness. The answer is simple: pay your BAA dues ($10)! BAA dues go a long way to helping us keep you up-to-date on the latest buggy news as well as provide critical support to the current students. Plus, you get the Raceday Preview; that alone is worth the $10. You can join the BAA or renew your membership here.

We would feel bad if we kept all the news from Truck Weekend from you, though. Below you’ll find the attendance from Rolls and timing data from a video-based system.  We’ll let you pore over the numbers and make your own predictions for RD2019!

In Attendance

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex #lit, Azula, Phoenix, Firefly #lit, Azula, Firefly
CIA Equinox, Tempest, Icarus, Aurora Emperor,Equinox, Tempest, Icarus, Aurora
Fringe Blueshift, Bumper, NB19 Blueshift, Bumper, Boson, NB19
PhiDelt Argo Argo
PiKA NB19, Cliodhna NB19, Banshee, Cliodhna
SAE Eileen
SDC Bane, Vice, Vanity Bane, Vice, Vanity
SigEp Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce, Hydra Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce, Hydra
SigNu Krait  Krait
Spirit Kingpin, Seraph, Inviscid Kingpin, Seraph, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery | Sunday Gallery)

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2019 Lead Truck Auction IS NOW OPEN

The 2019 Lead Truck Auction is now open for bidding!  As a reminder, online bidding closes Wednesday at 11pm ET.  Bidding on the Finals heats begins online, with the leading bidders having the option of which heat to apply their leading bid to – That leading bid will then become the starting bid for the selected heat during our Live Auction on Friday Night.  Full information can be found here (UPDATE: THE PENS TAKE ON THE ISLANDERS IN NY FOR GAME 2 ON FRIDAY NIGHT, AND THE GAME WILL BE ON DURING THE EVENT!)

So go on and bid now, and tell all of your friends and family that will be at Carnival this year (the auction is open to the public; you don’t need to be a BAA member to win)!  Help support the BAA and our sponsorship of Raceday 2019!

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